Platters/Party Orders

We cater to large orders for parties and all other occasions.

Please order at least one day in advance, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required.

Receive a 10% discount for all customised platters over £150. (This does not apply to any Set Menu's or Set Platters)

We don't accept loyalty card discount on any of our platters.


You can customise your own platters to suit your requirements.




Choose from the Kiyoto Platter or Deluxe Kiyoto Platter.

Kiyoto Platter - £60  (68 Pieces Sushi & 15 Pieces Sashimi)

4 x Salmon Nigiri, 2 x Tuna Nigiri, 2 x Boiled Prawn Nigiri

1 x Salmon Sashimi, 1 x Tuna Sashimi, 1 x Mackerel Sashimi

1 x Salmon Maki, 1 x Tuna Maki, 1 Cucumber Maki, 1 x Avocado Maki

2 x Salmon/Avocado Inside Out, 2 x Tuna/Cucumber Inside out

1 x California Crab Inside Out, 1 x Spicy Tuna/Spring onion Inside Out

Deluxe Kiyoto Platter - £75 (86 Pieces sushi & 15 Pieces Sashimi)

3 x Salmon Nigiri, 3 x Tuna Nigiri, 3 x Boiled Prawn Nigiri

2 x Salmon Sashimi, 1 x Tuna Sashimi

2 x Salmon Maki, 2 x Tuna Maki, 1 x Cucumber Maki, 1 x Avocado Maki

2 x Salmon/Avocado Inside Out, 2 x Spicy Tuna/Spring Onion Inside Out,

2 x Spicy Salmon/Cucumber Inside Out, 1 x California Crab Inside Out,




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